ARKWARD Co-founder

Creative Leader
Gelareh is an architectural designer based in Los Angeles who has been challenging the idea of traditional representation in architecture throughout her academic years and professional years. She holds a bachelor’s of architecture from Southern California Institute of architecture (SCI-Arc) and as an Angelino she has been driven by the complicated yet chaotic urban plan of DTLA which led her thesis to seek not a reading or a reference but the aggressive use of a pattern as a formal device for creating a city. She has transformed patterns from having a 2d reading to a 3d representation. As a co-founder of ARK | WARD Gelareh is expanding her study of patterns by creating a new platform to represent her architectural interest. Outside of architecture, Gelareh is committed to her experimental paintings which expand from combining doodles with paint to sweep painting using her self-invented techniques.



ARKWARD Co-founder
E-commerce & Client Relationship Leader
Sara is an Architectural and Interior Designer with strong desire to continuously provide solutions through power of design. Sara Holds a M.Arch from Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci Arc) and BS Interior Design from Art Institute of California. Sara is passionate about culture and people.Living in multiple countries and frequent travels had gained her a wide perspective and cultural absorption which is noticeable in her design solutions. In addition of being a Principal and Designer in ARK I WARD she is actively practicing architecture with world leading firms. Through her years of experience in design she had been constantly delivered fresh ideas thorough different form of fabrications. Sara believes understanding the rapid past of today's intelligence growth it requires fresh looks and continues adoption to be achieved and presented to her customers and clients.



ARKWARD Co-founder
Fabrication Leader
Mehrzad Rafeei is a California licensed architect, who has studied in Iran and United States of America. Not only she has been recognized as a professional Architect in practice, she has a post grad from SCI-Arc in Emerging system technology media which has advanced her techniques in robotics and coding and has made her extremely qualified in fabrication and advanced technologies. Mehrzad has had projects using programs such as Ardoino and coding processing that was unique to the design culture. ARK | WARD has been a platform for her to apply her background and passion to create products which displays new techniques of representation.



Social Media Creative Leader
Sayeh is an architectural designer with extensive knowledge and passion on creating new media and form of art communications. since her academic year she had been seeking design solutions that can connect everyday life to creative form of art so more people can relate to it. Her rich cultural background had came in help for her achievements and creative work.