Writing an effective resume- webinar

Writing an effective resume

May 9th, 2020 @ 4PM

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Free Webinar-Sara Moomsaz-Arkward

We are experiencing a unique time in history and economy which had impacted us all in one or multiple ways. A major one is unemployment. Many of us had been effected by recent layoffs which is hard to deal with specially when market is slow.

We are here to tell you we can take advantage of this time and spend some quality time improving that resume to stand out and you can land on your desired career. Sara Moomsaz has been writing professional resume and helping individuals to prepare for their interview since 2015 when she understood there are fine details on your marketing tools that makes you stand out from others. She has landed schools that she wanted, jobs that she desired and had the option to choose what she wants next in her life! Who doesn’t want that?!

Therefore; She has expanded her consults on this to next level and wants to invite you to my FREE webinar to show you some hacks for your Resume.


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